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Manaan is under attack. Kiukurilya of the Dark Council has launched a siege of the planet to enslave the Selkath and take the kolto for the Empire. The Republic has mobilized a defense…but will it be enough?

The fight unfolds.

The fate of the Selkath and their healing kolto lies in the balance.


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 VI. STATE OF THE GALAXY, major battles, galactic updates
 Posted: Jun 24 2017, 02:38 PM
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state of the galaxy!
The Galactic Status thread, a continually updated thread informing the galaxy’s inhabitants of the war between the Empire and the Republic, as well as all major galactic updates. This thread can be used for an additionally backstory for characters on Imperium and the own events that characters play out presently may be updated in this thread, should they have a galactic-wide impact. The events listed below are major battles, but not the only major battles of Imperium.

3681 BBY, The Sith Empire has returned the galaxy, their offensive crippling the Galactic Republic and splintering their politics. Korriban has returned to Imperial hands, Imperial dominion is spreading quickly, and war has sparked in the blink of an eye.

3679 BBY, The Empire and Czerka Corporation have launched an assault on Kashyyyk in attempt to control the sector of space and enslave the Wookiee race. The Republic arrived to defend the Wookiees, and successfully pushed them off the planet. The Empire suffered a devastating defeat, many Sith falling and few Jedi falling with them in the Battle of Kashyyyk.

3679 BBY, Under the rule of King Oron Kira, Onderon has seceded from the Republic and has become an independent state. Their trade routes and economy have begun their decline.

3678 BBY, The Empire has seized the Distant Outer Rim, capturing Endor and enslaving the Ewok race while usurping the world’s resources. The Republic attempted a defensive launch on the planet, suffered heavy losses and was forced to retreat. The Battle of Endor was hardly a battle at all.

3675 BBY, The Republic’s forces are spreading thinner and thinner throughout the galaxy, Imperial reach and influence has been corrupting more and more space by the month.

3670 BBY, Naboo has sworn fealty to the Empire through diplomacy, Naboo’s leadership falling prey to the politics of a Dark Council Member. Six months into their change, the Republic stormed the planet and ambushed the Imperial forces, forcing them off the planet and persuading a change in Naboo’s leadership. Naboo, free of Imperial control, has returned to the Galactic Republic and given them the biggest military victory in months.

3668 BBY, Finding the secret location of one of the ancient Jedi Temples and the source of their Adegan crystals, the Dark Council and Imperial Intelligence launched the most well-coordinated sabotage and ambushes in history, decimating the Republic forces on Ilum. The Grand Master of the Jedi Order and a member of the Jedi Council rallied a defensive force on Ilum, driving back the forces beyond all odds and forcing the Empire into a treaty agreement out of that sector of space. A Republic victory.

3665 BBY, The Grand Master of the Jedi Order, Vandar Tokare, formed and personally spearheaded an attack on the Sith Emperor. Master Vandar and the Jedi strike team were never seen again. Thana Shan soon thereafter was appointed the Grand Master of the Jedi Order.

3664 BBY, The leading noble houses of Alderaan, House Organa and House Panteer have found themselves under the onslaught of the Sith. The Jedi Order and the Republic were stuck between the politics of forming a treaty with the Empire, and have been stalemated from defending Alderaan. However, Master Ki’ero of the Jedi Council went against the votes of the Senate and rallied a force of Republic soldiers and Jedi to defend Alderaan. Though Master Ki’ero was killed by a member of the Dark Council, the Battle of Alderaan was a Republic victory.

3662 BBY, In order to secure the greatest offensive edge in the war, the Empire and Republic have wedged themselves in the neutral zone of Balmorra, each side vying for the allegiance of the planet’s manufacturing. Seeing a favoring to the Republic, Darth Eckage of the Dark Council betrayed the neutrality agreement of the sector and began the Battle of Balmorra, severing the Republic’s leadership before the violence began. Though Darth Eckage was ultimately slain by a Jedi Master, Balmorra was forced into allegiance with the Empire.

3661 BBY, The Galactic Republic stands near the brink of death. Their forces suffering in morale and numbers, the Jedi Council and the Senate have focused on talks of a treaty. The leading figure for peace with the Empire, Jedi Master Ramos of the High Council, arranged for a meeting with Imperial leadership. The meeting ended with the accompanying Jedi and soldiers slain by the Emperor’s Wrath, and captured, only to be beheaded by the same Sith on a galactic holo channel for the entire galaxy to watch. The talks of peace have diminished.

3660 BBY, The present year, the Great Galactic War between the Republic and the Empire has raged on for twenty-one years and terror still persists. The Republic has been forced to their knees, though not defeated. They’re rising ever so slowly, but fast enough to give hope the galaxy.

3660 BBY, After a year, the war on Taris has come to an end with the Galactic Republic emerging victorious after the death of the Sith Lord overseeing Imperial operations, Darth Orred. He was defeated and killed by Johma Casto and Senator Miranna Vanís. The Republic Restoration efforts of the planet have began in full-effort on the world, though pockets of the Imperial forces remain to hamper the project. The centuries-old Rakghoul threat of Taris has been nullified, and the a heavy majority of the creatures have been rendered passive, but are still aggressive when imposed upon.

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