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Star Wars: Imperium has returned, better than before. A new storyline, new canon positions, revised systems and more to come. Old and new members alike, welcome to the new Imperium and enjoy your look around. And then forge your story on the side of the warring Republic or Empire, or create a tole of your own accord. The galaxy is yours.


Manaan is under attack. Kiukurilya of the Dark Council has launched a siege of the planet to enslave the Selkath and take the kolto for the Empire. The Republic has mobilized a defense…but will it be enough?

The fight unfolds.

The fate of the Selkath and their healing kolto lies in the balance.


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New Posts Korriban
The earliest Sith lived on the red, dusty planet of Korriban, determined to grow strong despite the inhospitable climate. Their success culminated in a bold civilization, made stronger when dark Force-users arrived and interbred after being driven out of the early Jedi Order. This ancient Sith civilization eventually became a superpower and challenged the Republic during the Great Hyperspace war. Their defeat drove a handful of survivors into deep space where they regrouped and rebuilt, determined to return.

Subforums: » Valley of the Dark Lords, » The Wilds, » Dreshdae

14 115 Sep 20 2017, 08:09 PM
In: The Halls of Injustice
New Posts Dromund Kaas
Colonized in ancient times by the Sith Empire, the hyperspace coordinates of Dromund Kaas were lost to time, allowing the isolated planet to fade into distant memory. Following a crushing defeat in the Great Hyperspace War, the handful of surviving Sith desperately sought to escape annihilation at the hands of their Jedi foes. The desperate Sith, leaving their collective destiny to chance, chose to forgo all known hyperspace routes and attempt a series of dangerously random hyperspace jumps and blind scouting missions. For 20 years the Sith armada drifted aimlessly in the forgotten regions of space before finally rediscovering the Dromund system.

Subforums: » Kaas City, » The Dark Temple

9 53 Sep 20 2017, 07:35 AM
In: Echoes of The Past
New Posts Kashyyyk
Kashyyyk is the Wookiee homeworld, covered in dense forest. While Wookiees build their homes in the planet's trees, they are not a primitive species, and Kashyyyk architecture incorporates sophisticated technology. The Wookies are currently enslaved by a joint movement of Czerka Corporation and the Empire.

Subforums: » Rwookrrorro, » The Shadowlands

2 14 Sep 13 2017, 11:56 PM
In: Monster Hunting in the Shad...
New Posts Mandalore
An independent world ruled by the Mand'alor—the leader of all the Mandalorian clans, following the tradition established by Mandalore the First—the planet Mandalore found itself the ally and enemy of numerous galactic governments and groups throughout the years. andalore was covered in a rich natural landscape, largely unspoiled due to its sparse sentient population. The world was blanketed in lush veshok tree forests, dense jungle, sprawling hills and grassland well suited to farming, inhospitable deserts of white sand, and numerous rivers, lakes, and seas.

Subforums: » Concordia, » Keldabe

4 10 Aug 29 2017, 05:30 PM
In: Welcome Home
New Posts Taris
Taris was once a city-world, home to a planetary metropolis. Three centuries ago, however, it was bombarded by the great Darth Malak and left a toxic ruin. The years since have not been kind to Taris, as vegetation and animal life struggle to gain a foothold in shattered skyscrapers and habitats. The Republic began to recolonize Taris less than a decade ago, aiming to make it into a symbol of Republic hope. Though the Empire had mobilized a full-scale war on Taris against the Republic, the Republic has emerged victorious in a recent decisive strike against the Empire. Due to the efforts of Senator Vanis and Johma Casto,
the Rakghouls are far and few, residing to their remote areas and are only aggressive when threatened.

2 58 Aug 15 2017, 04:01 PM
In: The Hammer of Fates
New Posts Ziost
Ziost, sometimes known as the “Gateway to the Empire”, and was once the adopted homeworld and Imperial capital of the Sith species. A world made up of ancient dark forests and barren tundra, with tree withered much like Korriban. Most of the world is covered in ice, and it is a focal point of the dark side.

Subforums: » The Great Citadel, » New Adasta, » Darth Vaane's Fortress

4 18 Sep 10 2017, 06:04 PM
In: Bloodlines [O]
New Posts Lothal
A recent member of the Galactic Senate of the Republic, Lothal is a world on the frontier of the Outer Rim. The planet is primarily terrestrial, known for its grassy plains, spine tree forests, farmland, long, low mountains and shallow freshwater seas. The planet also has marshes, which are said to house will-o’-the-wisps.

Subforums: » Lothal City, » Lothal Jedi Temple

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